On a mission to help beauty and wellness businesses succeed online.

Glammatic is a beauty marketing software company that helps growing salons automate their social media and develop their online presence with website creation and management.


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Growth is critical for your salon

Running a salon and trying to keep up with marketing efforts can be tough. That’s why we created Glammatic with you in mind. It’s an affordable digital marketing solution for beauty businesses like yours. 

World-class support

The #1 feedback we get from customers is about how much they love our support team.

Technology enabled

Our website technology ensures your salon’s site is optimized for discovery, making it easy for your clients and new visitors to find you online.

Deep expertise

We know how overwhelming content creation and social media can be, not to mention the cost of hiring someone to handle it all. Our expert team and tools take care of your specific social media needs, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – making your clients look and feel fabulous!

Our Trusted Partners

Our People

Your website and social media are lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks.

Ameet Kallarackal

Co-Founder & CEO

Ameet grew up working at a family-owned restaurant and making websites for local businesses. At 19 years old, he helped start his first company, which was acquired by Harvard three years later.

Nick Loeper

Co-Founder & CTO

In the past, Nick has assisted numerous small business owners with their technology-related issues and questions. When he’s not busy helping others, the Boston native enjoys cheering on his favorite sports teams, going for hikes, and playing soccer.

Charlene Rex-Waller

Director of Marketing

Charlene owned her own small business selling handmade bags to luxury hotels in Hawaii for several years before transitioning into marketing. She has traveled all over the world, and her favorite place to live was Tahiti.

Jesse Whitworth

Director of Engineering

Jesse got his start in the business world helping his dad at the family-owned local sports equipment store. Since then he has worked with both large and small businesses, on the front lines and in the back office.

Mike Morin

Operations Manager

Michael lives in Los Angeles and loves trying new types of cuisine all over the city. One of his favorite parts about working for Glammatic is helping salons and other small businesses grow with a strong web presence.

Gabi Murillo Diaz

Account Executive

Raised in a business-oriented family, Gabi’s passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs comes from her father’s small roofing company. She’s the first in her family to attend and graduate from university.

Tyler O’Neill

Senior Account Executive

Throughout Tyler’s life, his parents operated a personal small business, teaching him the significance of empathizing and aiding individual owners and operators with their unique requirements.

Lindsey Waters

Account Executive

Helping out small business owners lets Lindsey support real hardworking folks in pursuing their passions and finding success. Lindsey loves traveling, trying new foods, and anything competitive and active!

Woman with a cheerful smile wearing a striped turtleneck and a light blue jacket.

Abby Lehner

Customer Success Manager

Abby is dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence. While her personal passions include food, travel, and music, she understands the importance of creating a positive customer experience!

Kylie Davis

Customer Success Manager

Kylie operates empathy-first when working with our customers. She’s passionate about helping businesses scale their marketing. She enjoys video games, TTRPGs, and exploring the outdoors in her spare time.

Catherine Lowdon

Customer Success Manager

Hailing from the Bay Area, Catherine has expertise in multiple business operations. She found herself working in various startups between Boston and San Fransisco with a focus on helping customers succeed.

Krishna Farvil

Website Manager

Krishna enjoys working with a team that is passionate, driven and have the same vision. Growing up in Haiti was a unique experience that taught him the importance of community, resilience, and perseverance.

Mariano Bianchi

Software Engineer

Mariano’s first role was at his university, constructing an admin system for the science department. He enjoys enhancing user experiences and efficiency for small businesses.

Josué Arrieta Salas

Software Engineer

Josué loves working with small businesses because he believes that is where the real passion and success lie. He enjoys building new Glammatic products and recipes, video games, gin and tonics, and calisthenics.

Felix Lau

Product Designer

Running a product design consultancy of his own, Felix understands a bit about the challenges of running a small operation. Succeeding as an SMB is already tough as it is, without the challenges with technology.

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We’re creative thinkers solving hard problems for the beauty and wellness industry. Our future is rooted in the growth of independent owners. We are looking for people who believe that the collective can accomplish more than the individual.

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