Build a brand that works for your salon.

Let us help you stand out from the competition with a brand that speaks to your perfect customer.

Branding that speaks to your perfect customer 

A strong, cohesive brand that flows across all your marketing channels is vital for attracting new clients. As a beauty business, you must sell your unique experience through branding online and in your salon.


A customized salon logo makes you look professional, creates a distinctive brand identity, and attracts more clients. 

Font Pairing

Font pairing reinforces a customized professional logo for a salon. The logo’s message becomes more coherent and impactful.

Color Palette

A thoughtfully chosen color palette is important, as colors evoke emotions and perceptions. When used effectively, they can set you apart from the crowd.

Style Guide

A style guide empowers your salon to present a unified and professional image to the world, creating a lasting impression on clients and setting the foundation for successful branding and marketing efforts.

Ready to launch your salon’s brand?

Schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss branding options, including a new logo.

Our branding work

Provide us with some basic information in our intake form.

We’ll put together 2-3 style guide options for you.

Once you’ve completed the payment, we’ll send you all the assets.

Affordable one-time payment

We take pride in offering high-quality work at a price tailored to suit your needs. If you’re a Glammatic customer, we’ll implement your new brand materials on your site for you!


one-time fee

Logo Only

For salons owners interested in a logo design

A professionally designed logo with all the file formats and sizes you need to use everywhere.

Usable across all mediums

High quality and professional.

Adherent to design best practices


one-time fee when bundled with a website

Full Branding

Full branding guide

A professionally designed logo with all the file formats and sizes you need to use everywhere.

Curated font pairings and color palettes.

Style Guide with all the branding information available.