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We understand change can feel scary and intimidating. But give us just 30 minutes to show you how easily you can upgrade your salon marketing game with our help – no strings attached!

Here’s what to expect in the consultation:

A breakdown of how your website and marketing are currently performing

We will go through the good, the bad, and the ugly so you get a complete review.

Suggestions on how to fix any issues

We will offer our proven methods to get your marketing and salon growth back on track.

A plan on how to implement the fixes

It’s easy to forget what’s shared, so we will provide a plan for you to take away.

How we can help if you don’t want to tackle the plan yourself

If the thought of setting up new software makes you want to tear your hair out, we got you. We’ve done this thousands of times before – sit back, and we’ll handle it.

Exceed your salon business goals

No more missed opportunities to capture new clients. Unlock your personalized digital marketing strategy to make your online presence count.

Custom branding sets your salon apart from the competition

As a beauty business, you must sell your unique experience through branding online and in your salon.

A modern website that helps you fill your appointment book

You’ve come to the right place if you want a salon website. Glammatic is the simplest way to have a stunning website that turns visitors into clients.

Amplify your salon with done-for-you social media management

We know how overwhelming content creation and social media can be. So, our expert team and tools that’ll take care of your specific social media needs.

Dedicated support

No one does customer support better than us. We make it easy for you to reach out anytime.

“I love how easy it is. My Gift Card link is right there and easy to find for my customers, making after-hours purchases possible. We used to get many calls from customers who had issues with our old website, but none since the switch to Glammatic! I’m loving it. I can add to and adjust the site in the dashboard as needed. So many things make it easier and more user-friendly than what we used to have going on.”

Sherry Acton, Pampered Bodies Day Spa & Salon

Additional Services

Salon marketing tools you need to grow your business

We also offer branding and social media management services, allowing you to maximize your impact online.

Customized Branding

Social Media Management

How it works

Our premium website-building process

Glammatic prides itself on providing an agency-like experience without the cost and hassle of working with an agency. We’ll do everything on your behalf, working with your team to collect and showcase the right information on your website.


Consultation Call

After signing up, we’ll spend 15 minutes talking about your business and website needs on the phone.


Share content

Send us any information, images, or content you want to include on your website.


We’ll build your website

Once we have everything, our expert team will craft your website and incorporate the information you shared with us into it.


Go Live

We’ll schedule a call with you to review your website, make any edits, and go-live. Generally within 10 days (from start to finish).