Izzazu Increased Local Google Ranking to #1 with Glammatic

Downtown Pittsburgh’s top salon did not rank on Local Google until they started working with us. Now, they are in the top spot with thousands of visitors monthly.

Watch the video from Co-Owner Emilio Cornacchione.


Izzazu Salon, Spa, and Blowout Bar


Emilio Cornacchione
Gino Chiodo
Cesare Ulrich


Area: Pittsburgh, PA
Locations: 2 & 32 Stylists
Years in Business: 20+


Hair and Nails
Eyebrows, Lashes & Waxing
Spa Services


On LOCAL Google Search


Increase in Organic Traffic


Return on Investment

A screenshot of the old Izzazu Salon website before they started working with Glammatic.

Izzazu Salon

Before working with Glammatic

As the best-known salon in Pittsburg, PA, Izzazu is no stranger to the web. However, they realized their website negatively impacted their salon over the years.

Bad website functionality

Izzazu’s website was slow to load, not mobile-friendly, and was weighted down with tons of code and large image files.

Hard to navigate

Customers found the website hard to navigate, often getting frustrated. The homepage had no option to book an appointment, causing visitors to leave after a few seconds.

Low website traffic

Izzazu’s website was not optimized for search engines like Google, so it would not appear in searches.

Izzazu Salon

Working with Glammatic

An Image of a computer monitor with the Izzazu Salon website, a laptop with it's Instagram profile, and a mobile phone with the chatbot open.

Website Sessions/Month


Average Website Users/Month


Come From Organic Traffic

Improvements we made for Izzazu Salon

The team at Izzazu Salon decided that if they were going to do this, then they were all in! They wanted a full overhaul of their website, social media, and SEO. Below is a breakdown of the work we did and the work we continue to do.

Izzazu Salon website design on a desktop monitor.

Website Design

We redid their website with our salon-specific design created to get people to book. This increases the chance of more visitors turning into clients with as little effort as possible.

Mobile phone with the about us page form the Izzazu website.

Mobile Optimization

We followed our mobile-first design approach with the Izzazu Salon website, which improves user experience, faster load times, better search engine optimization, and the ability to get visitors to take action the action you want.

SEO audit papers

Search Engine Optimization

We did an audit of how Izzazu Salon’s website ranks in Google compared to its competitors and then optimized its copy and content to be better. Google then chooses to show Izzazu as the number one spot when people search for salons in the Pittsburg area. We continue to do monthly improvements and reporting on Izzazu’s ranking and growth.

Laptop with an instagram account open on it.

Social Media Management

Starting with a social media audit, we built a strategy plan with recommendations for improvements and implemented changes. We created monthly social posts matching the salon’s brand and vibe and continue to do the heavy lifting of creating, publishing, and reporting to simplify life for the Izzazu team.

a phone with the Izzazu Salon Chatbot open on it.

AI Assistant/Chatbot

We implemented and now manage an AI assistant on the Izzazu Salon website. This has reduced call volume so the front desk can serve their in-store customers better. It has also increased bookings on the website by 15% as visitors can find exactly what they need by asking the assistant. It runs 24/7, bringing in revenue while we train and manage it.

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