The Salon Owner’s Guide to Nailing Social Media

As a salon owner, you know how crucial salon social media marketing is for reaching potential clients. But who has time for learning algorithms, developing content ideas, and responding to comments between styling sessions? Certainly not you! That’s why we created this handy guide to social media marketing for salons. Our goal is to give…


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Salon Socia Media Marketing Strategy

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As a salon owner, you know how crucial salon social media marketing is for reaching potential clients. But who has time for learning algorithms, developing content ideas, and responding to comments between styling sessions? Certainly not you!

That’s why we created this handy guide to social media marketing for salons. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to start quickly.

Choose Your Ideal Salon Clients

Let’s start with the basics: who do you want to reach? Getting crystal clear on your ideal client is step one. Think of that fabulous regular who books a balayage with blowout monthly. What makes her tick?

Capture it all—age, location, family, income, interests, values. You want her twin sister to find your salon online and book ASAP.

Next, sleuth your competition’s salon social media posts. What are they doing well or poorly? How can you stand out from the crowd? Now, blend these insights into your salon social media ideas game plan outlining goals, platforms, content, and timing.

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Struggling to think of content ideas for your salon?

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Your social media feed is a reflection of what people will experience when they visit your salon.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

With your hair salon content ideas, game plan, and dream client in mind, decide on 1-2 social platforms to rule. Survey your real clients to see where they spend time online. Let that guide your platform poison…err, picks.

Create a QR code that links to a Google doc with a few questions they can fill out, like:

  1. Their top 2 favorite social platforms
  2. Their social handle (of course, you must follow them so they follow you back)
  3. Content ideas for your hair business they would like to see you make

Visual ones like Instagram and Pinterest usually work magic for salons. But choose what makes sense for your skills and clients, then own them! Resist spreading yourself too thin on 10 platforms. Slowly build your presence in a focused way for social media success.

Pro Tip: Unsure which platforms fit your salon best? Glammatic analyzes your biz and clients during a demo to suggest your ideal fit.

Create Drool-Worthy Hair Content Ideas

A website can also increase your visibility on search engines and help drive traffic to your salon. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex topic, but we’ll walk you through the basics of setting up a salon website here. Posting eye-catching content that matches your brand is critical for engagement and growth. Showcase your salon’s fabulousness through photos and videos of your dreamiest styles, prettiest space, and talented stylists. Develop frameworks for regular content like:

  • Jaw-dropping before and afters
  • BTS stylist spotlights
  • How-to hair tutorials
  • Special promos
  • Holiday inspiration
  • Client reviews

Stay consistent within these frameworks, then replenish with new hair inspiration. Make posting top-notch content a breeze!

Pro Tip: Want Gorg templates made just for your salon? Glammatic designs pro templates to simplify sleek content creation, attracting new clients.

Talk It Up and Build Community

Simply posting content won’t grow your tribe. You have to take the time to engage. Respond quickly to comments, likes, and DMs to show you care and follow back new followers.

Find influencer conversations in your industry and join in. Share wisdom with their followers. Ask fun questions in your posts and run polls. Make connecting enjoyable! Track engagement and keep improving. Social media is about relationships, so put in the love.

Pro Tip: Let Glammatic’s experts focus on engaging your audience so you can keep styling. We’ve got your back!

Run Targeted Ads to Accelerate

While engaging with your audience is crucial, running targeted ads can also greatly accelerate your growth on social media. You will gain more engaged followers when you reach people already interested in what you are creating.

Target your ads by serving them only to your ideal client niche. The narrower, the better. Targeted ads allow you to tailor your message and content to a specific demographic, location, or interest group. Always A/B test your ads—the visuals, text, and call to action. See what makes your audience click and convert. Analyze the data and track engagement to spend your money correctly.

Make minor tweaks based on data insights. Done right, ads can accelerate your growth!

Pro Tip: Unsure how to create targeted social ads? Glammatic’s experts handle the entire ad creation process for you.

Partner With Local Beauty Influencers

Collaborating with regional influencers can introduce your salon to fresh audiences. Find pros with similar target clients but complementary services. Cross-promotion is key. We recommend pitching a partnership where each of you can see the benefits your audience will get.

Offer to feature each other’s content or co-create content like classes, blogs, videos, or giveaways. Joint events also entice new followers. Just ensure partnerships fit your brand vibe and values. Keep it authentic.

Analyze and Optimize Like a Boss

Don’t “set and forget” your beauty salon’s social media. Instead, stay on top of what’s working by using built-in analytics to track follower growth, engagement, clicks, etc. Watch for trends over time, like which posts and wording perform best. Where can you improve or make changes? Tweak and optimize based on data insights. You must consistently work on your social media as things are forever evolving.

Pro Tip: Let Glammatic provide monthly reports and recommendations to boost your social media results.

Take the Stress Out of Social Media with Glammatic

Reaching new clients online takes savvy strategy, captivating content, and hard work. But it pays dividends in brand awareness and bookings! Hopefully, this guide provided valuable insights into nailing your salon’s social presence. 

But if you need support bringing it all together, Glammatic’s social experts have your back!

We work as your social media entourage, from platform picks to content creation, management, and engagement. Our data-driven approach ensures that you spend your time and money wisely. 

So you can focus on fab hair while we grow your brand online.

Don’t go it alone—get the support you deserve. Book a Glammatic demo today to start taking the stress out of social media! Let’s reach your ideal clients together.

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