Salon Promotional Ideas: Turn Slow Days into Big Wins

Have you ever noticed how your salon seems to ride a rollercoaster of busy and quiet periods? It’s pretty common in the salon world. We see bustling peak seasons, and then there are those slower months like January and July. But hey, who says low seasons can’t be fun and profitable? Let’s jazz up those…


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Have you ever noticed how your salon seems to ride a rollercoaster of busy and quiet periods? It’s pretty common in the salon world. We see bustling peak seasons, and then there are those slower months like January and July. But hey, who says low seasons can’t be fun and profitable? Let’s jazz up those quiet times with some savvy salon promotional ideas!

Low Season Salon Promotional Ideas

Influencer Marketing: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Now, don’t roll your eyes at the term ‘influencer marketing. This salon promotional idea is not just for celebs or those with big bucks. In fact, you’ve probably already got a goldmine of influencers who’ve sat in your salon chairs. Yep, your clients!

Partner With Your Most Influential Customers

First things first, if your salon isn’t on social media yet, hop on that train! Create an Instagram account and connect with your clients. This not only boosts your online presence but also gives you insights into who among your clients could be your brand ambassador. You’d be surprised how many might have a decent following.

  • Find clients with larger follower counts and good engagement in your local area.
  • Offer a free service in exchange for a shoutout about your salon.
  • Ask to record their experience and use the content by tagging them as collaborators.

It’s a win-win! They get pampered, and you get exposure to a whole new audience, especially if they’re locals.

Social Media: Your Salon’s Digital Storefront

Social media isn’t just about posting pretty pictures. It’s about building relationships. We love this salon promotional idea at Glammatic so much, that we offer this service to all our marketing suite customers. Follow your clients, engage with their posts, and create a community around your salon. It’s a virtual space where your clients can interact with you and each other. This engagement can transform your salon from just a service provider to a beloved brand in your community.

Bring In-store Customers To Your Social Channels

Create a card (like the one below) with a QR code that links to your Instagram account. At checkout, ask customers to scan the code and follow you! You can tell them you will follow up and tag them in their before-and-after photos, share exclusive deals, and more.

The QR code works, so scan and follow us!

FREE Social Media Templates

Need some help creating social media templates for your beauty business? Well, Glammatic has an offer to get 10 free templates to use on your social media accounts. Just fill out the form, and we will contact you to get started.

Chalk It Up: Sidewalk Signs for Instant Attention

Picture this: A beautifully designed chalkboard sign sitting right outside your salon, catching the eyes of passersby. It’s like a friendly invitation to step inside and discover the magic you create. These signs are your silent yet effective promoters, drawing in curious onlookers and potential new clients.

Get Creative With Your Chalkboard Messages

Offer a sneak peek of your day’s special offer, a witty hair-related joke, or a heartfelt quote. The goal? To make people pause, smile, and think of your salon the next time they need a beauty service. It’s a small touch that can make a big difference.

Happy Client, Happy Life: The Power of Review Cards

Let’s talk about turning happy clients into raving online fans as a salon promotional idea. After a satisfying salon experience, hand your client a review card. It’s a personal touch that shows you value their feedback. These cards could have a QR code linking to your review page, making it super easy for them to spread the word about your wonderful service.

Imagine the impact of genuine, glowing reviews popping up online! It’s not just about the stars they leave; it’s about the stories they share. Each positive review is a beacon calling out to potential clients, saying, “This is the place to be!” Find out how to easily get reviews and testimonials from your clients to attract more customers.

Salon Promotional Flyers: Old School but Gold

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed flyer as one of your salon promotional ideas. It’s a classic, sure, but it’s also a direct way to reach potential clients. Think of it as a mini advertisement in their hands. Distribute these flyers in strategic locations where your target audience hangs out. Maybe it’s a local café, a community center, or even a nearby college.

The key is to make your flyers stand out

Use eye-catching designs and irresistible offers. Maybe even include a teaser about your YouTube channel or a QR code linking to your salon’s promotional guide download. It’s an old-school tactic with a modern twist.

Punch Your Way to Client Loyalty

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ loyalty punch card? It’s one of those classic salon promotional ideas for a reason. Imagine this: After every hairdo or treatment, your client gets a punch on their card. Ten punches, and bam! They get a free service. It’s simple, effective, and keeps them coming back for more.

But it’s not just about the freebie. It’s about making your clients feel valued and giving them an extra reason to choose you over and over again. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter and an opportunity to show off your amazing customer service.

Remember, a little imagination with your salon promotional ideas can turn a slow season into an opportunity for growth and connection with your clients. Let’s dive into more ideas!

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it! More fun and effective salon promotional ideas to keep your salon thriving during those quieter times. Remember, every slow season is an opportunity to get creative and strengthen your bond with your community.

So, let’s recap those fun ideas to spice up your salon’s low season:

  • Dive into influencer marketing with your client base.
  • Boost your salon’s community feel with an active social media presence.
  • Implement a loyalty punch card to keep clients coming back.
  • Spread those old school flyers all over town.
  • Get creative with a daily chalkboard that entices walk-ins.

And hey, if you’re hungry for more tips, head over to our YouTube channel. We’ve got a treasure trove of ideas waiting for you, along with our downloadable guide on salon promotional ideas. It’s your go-to resource for turning those low seasons into high opportunities with more salon promotional ideas.

Let’s make your salon the place everyone talks about, no matter the season!

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