5 Salon Marketing Trends Every Owner Should Embrace in 2024

Attention, stylists! 2024 is here and promises to be a spectacular year. But with marketing trends shifting faster than ever and the online beauty space overflowing with hairsprays and hot tools, it’s time to ditch the dusty marketing playbook. So, grab your creative shears because we’re about to dive into the top 5 salon marketing…


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Attention, stylists! 2024 is here and promises to be a spectacular year. But with marketing trends shifting faster than ever and the online beauty space overflowing with hairsprays and hot tools, it’s time to ditch the dusty marketing playbook. So, grab your creative shears because we’re about to dive into the top 5 salon marketing trends you need to embrace to keep your salon chairs booked solid.

2024 Salon Marketing Trends: Success Thrives on Hyper-Personalization, Community, and Digital Bravery

Forget cookie-cutter cuts and generic spa days. 2024 is the year salons break the mold with salon marketing trends, stepping into a hyper-personalized future where every strand and style tells a story. It’s about understanding your clients not just as heads of hair but as individuals with unique desires, anxieties, and dreams woven into their very roots.

AI-Powered Personalization: No More One-Size-Fits-All.

Technology is your new best friend. Utilize AI chatbots on your website to offer personalized hair consultations, recommend products based on individual preferences, and even schedule appointments. Remember, people crave feeling valued and understood – show them you’re not just another salon but their hair whisperer.

Make AI your content creator by using it to help create educational blog post outlines. This salon marketing trend lets you share your expertise, debunk myths, and offer insider tips, positioning the salon as a go-to resource for all things hair and beauty. Not only will this grow your status in the industry, but it is amazing for search engine optimization. Google loves fresh, quality content on websites and will start to rank your content in searches.

Salon Marketing Sustainability Trend Takes Center Stage

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Eco-conscious consumers are on the rise, and your salon can tap into this trend by showcasing your commitment to sustainability in your emails, social posts, blog, and website.

Partner with eco-friendly product brands, doing online collaborations to get more exposure and increase your following. You can also do in-person events that showcase your partnership and help increase revenue sales. You can also offer refill options for popular products and implement green practices like energy-efficient lighting and water conservation. Don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk.

Community is King (and Queen)

Social media has always been a marketing trend, but it isn’t just a platform anymore; it’s a bustling town square where your salon can become the local hotspot. Forget filtered perfection. Real clients, stories, and transformations showcase the salon’s magic, attracting a loyal following that craves authenticity. Foster a vibrant online community by trying some of these community-building strategies:

Hosting interactive polls, Q&A sessions, and live tutorials

Gone are the days of guarded secrets. Salons become digital classrooms, sharing expertise and inspiring creativity through live streams and interactive sessions.

Workshops, product demos, and themed events

Another salon marketing trend is to foster a sense of community by hosting workshops, product demos, or even themed “hair parties.” From braid bar brunches to silent disco blowouts, salons become hubs for shared experiences and connection, fostering loyalty that goes beyond a good haircut. Create online groups where clients can share tips, post selfies, and connect with like-minded hair enthusiasts. Remember, loyal customers are your biggest advocates – turn them into brand ambassadors with click-worthy salon testimonials!

Mastermind Groups

2024 is about embracing digital thought leadership. Let aspiring stylists learn from the best (you!) by sharing tips and challenges in a supportive environment that fosters collaboration over competition.

Collaborations with local influencers

Partner with fashion bloggers, makeup artists, and even fitness gurus to broaden reach and tap into niche markets. They are always at the forefront of salon marketing trends! No more blending into the background. Salons become tastemakers, trendsetters, and trusted voices in the beauty world.

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Short-Form Video Reigns Supreme

TikTok isn’t just for teenagers anymore. It’s a goldmine for salons! Take your mastermind sessions, events, and workshops and whip up bite-sized videos showcasing transformations, behind-the-scenes peeks, and playful tutorials. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are your allies, too. Remember, keep it catchy, colorful, and under 60 seconds. Attention spans are shorter than pixie haircuts these days, so use our guide to 60 unique social media content ideas for beauty professionals to craft scroll-stopping content.

Augmented Reality: Try Before You Dye

Ditch the hair color swatches and embrace the future! Partner with an app that uses augmented reality to let clients virtually try on different hairstyles and colors before they commit. This not only increases booking rates but also fuels excitement and playful engagement. Imagine the social media buzz when clients share their virtual makeovers!

Integrate these trends into every aspect of your marketing, from your website design to your email campaigns and social media posts. Be authentic, be engaging, and be bold. Remember, in the hair game, standing out is the key to success.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment! The beauty of marketing is its constant evolution. Try new things, track your results, and adapt your approach based on what resonates with your audience. Remember, the most successful salons are the ones that embrace creativity, stay ahead of the curve, and never stop learning.

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the hair-raising marketing trends waiting to be unleashed in 2024. Grab your scissors, stir your creative pot, and get ready to make your salon the main attraction!

Remember, your salon is more than just a business; it’s a haven for self-expression and transformation. Let your marketing reflect that magic, and watch your clientele grow as vibrant and beautiful as the hair you style.

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